Frenzy Salon

"Extend Your Beauty, Elevate Your Style
with Frenzy Salon's Extensions"


Transform your hairstyle with precision-crafted hair extensions at Frenzy Salon. From seamless weft applications to micro links and tape extensions, our expert stylists customize extensions to suit your desired length, volume, and style, ensuring a flawless blend with your natural hair. Experience the confidence and versatility that quality extensions provide, tailored uniquely for you at Frenzy Salon.

1 Row Weft Application

Experience seamless lengthening with our 1 Row Weft Application service. Frenzy Salon’s expert stylists delicately apply single rows for natural-looking extensions that flawlessly blend with your hair.

Weft Reapplication Service

Renew your extensions with our Weft Reapplication Service. At Frenzy Salon, our specialists reapply and refresh weft extensions, ensuring continued elegance and volume.

Micro Links Application

Discover precision with our Micro Links Application. Frenzy Salon’s skilled professionals attach micro links, offering versatile and discrete extensions that match your hair texture.

Tape Extension Service

Experience effortless length and volume with our Tape Extension Service. Frenzy Salon’s tape-in extensions provide seamless blending for a stunning and natural look.

Extensions Removal

Ensure gentle removal with our Extensions Removal service. At Frenzy Salon, our experts safely remove extensions, preserving your hair’s health and integrity.