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Welcome to Frenzy Salon in Pembroke Pines, FL Рwhere your style tells your story. Led by Mosella Gray, our skilled team excels in a wide range of hair services, including all type of hair extensions, color techniques: highlights, balayage, color blending, ombr̩, fantasy colors, gray coverage. Precision cuts and we specialize on curly hair with the Ouidad technique.

All this Complemented by top-quality hair treatments.

Our salon also offers comprehensive grooming for men and professional makeup services, ensuring a flawless look for every occasion.

Join us at Frenzy Salon for a personalized styling experience that elevates your individuality. Book your appointment now and let your hair do the talking!

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Trusted Expertise: Led by industry expert Mosella Gray, our team excels in cutting-edge hair care, coloring, and styling, tailored to reflect your unique personality.

Quality and Care: We use only premium products like Olaplex, ensuring both stunning results and the health of your hair.

For Everyone: Offering a range of services from women’s styling to men’s grooming and specialized curl treatments, we cater to all hair types and preferences.

Customer Commitment: Your satisfaction is our priority. Join our community for an experience that combines skill, style, and exceptional service.

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Where Beauty Creates Unique Stories

Discover Your Style, Live Your Story at Frenzy Salon

In our exclusive beauty salon, Mosella Gray, Co-Owner, President, Master Stylist, Master Colorist, Balayage Expert, and Ouidad Certified, leads a dedicated team mastering cuts, color, and specialized services. At Frenzy Salon, each visit is a personalized experience, aiming to enhance your unique style. We strive to create a warm and professional environment, providing exceptional services that exceed your expectations. From bold transformations to enhancing your natural beauty, we’re here to make it possible. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and style, where we make all things possible for your hair’s beauty and well-being.

Embrace Your Curls with the
Ouidad System at Frenzy Salon

At Frenzy Salon, we understand that curly hair requires special care. That’s why we’re proud to specialize in the Ouidad system, a cutting-edge approach designed specifically for curly hair. Our stylists are experts in the unique techniques of the Ouidad method, such as the Carve & Slice haircut and the Rake & Shake styling, ensuring your curls look their best. From deep conditioning treatments to personalized curl advice, we empower you to embrace and enhance your natural curl pattern. Experience the joy of beautifully defined, healthy curls with our Ouidad services.

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Elevate your hair game with Frenzy Salon! 💇‍♀️ From exclusive Botox hair treatments to revitalizing keratin sessions, our expert stylists will craft the perfect look for you. Step into our salon and discover the magic of transformative haircare. 

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Transform Your Look with Premium Hair Extensions

Longing for longer, fuller hair? Look no further than Frenzy Salon for high-quality hair extensions. Our extensions are carefully selected to ensure they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, providing a natural and stunning transformation. Whether you’re seeking extra volume, length, or a pop of color, our expert stylists will work with you to achieve your desired look. Safe, durable, and easy to maintain, our hair extensions offer a versatile solution for anyone looking to enhance their hair game. Transform your look instantly with our premium hair extensions and enjoy the confidence of gorgeous, flowing hair.