Frenzy Salon

Vibrant Hues, Radiant You

Unveil Your True Colors With Frenzy Salon

Color & Highlights

At Frenzy Salon, our Color & Highlights service is an art form. Transform your hair with vibrant hues, sophisticated balayage, and stunning highlights tailored to accentuate your features. Our expert colorists blend creativity with expertise, ensuring a personalized color experience that illuminates your natural beauty. Whether you seek bold transformations or subtle enhancements, trust Frenzy Salon to illuminate your style journey with brilliance and finesse.

Color Retouch

Renew your color with Frenzy Salon. Our Color Retouch service brings back lost vibrancy, covering roots and rejuvenating your appearance with a flawless finish.

Full Color

Discover intensity with Frenzy Salon’s Full Color. Our range of vibrant and long-lasting hues transforms your hair with radiant shine and full coverage.

Non Ammonia Color Retouch

Experience gentle renewal at Frenzy Salon. Our Non Ammonia Color Retouch offers a delicate and sustainable hair refresh.

Non Ammonia Color Full

Embrace ammonia-free vibrancy at Frenzy Salon. Our Non Ammonia Color Full service provides radiant and long-lasting colors without compromising hair health.

Partial Balayage

Achieve subtle sun-kissed touches with Frenzy Salon’s Partial Balayage. This artistic technique illuminates your hair with gentle color highlights.

Full Balayage

Feel the depth of color with Frenzy Salon’s Full Balayage. This comprehensive technique offers a stunning and natural impact.


Experience smooth and gradual transitions with Frenzy Salon’s Ombre. This technique creates a color gradient from roots to tips for a modern and sophisticated look.

Partial Highlights

Add focused shine with Frenzy Salon’s Partial Highlights. These partial streaks enhance your hair with luminosity and dimension.

Low Lights

Create subtle and elegant depth with Frenzy Salon’s Low Lights. These darker tones add dimension and texture to your hair.

Full Highlights

Achieve all-over shine with Frenzy Salon’s Full Highlights. These comprehensive highlights provide luminosity and vitality to your style.

Partial Toner

Refresh and balance your color with Frenzy Salon’s Partial Toner. This technique subtly enhances and harmonizes your hair tones.

Full Toner

Attain complete harmony with Frenzy Salon’s Full Toner. These full tones refresh and soften your color for a uniform and radiant look.

Shampoo Toner

Renew and tone your color with Frenzy Salon’s Shampoo Toner. This delicate technique enhances and maintains your hair tone for a fresh appearance.


Add intense shine to your hair with Frenzy Salon’s Gloss. This protective layer enhances color and provides a luxurious, glossy finish.

Peekaboo’s / Foils

Discover hidden highlights with Frenzy Salon’s Peekaboo’s / Foils. This technique of revealing streaks adds a touch of fun and mystery to your style.

Double Process

Transform your look with Frenzy Salon’s Double Process. This advanced technique combines coloring and highlights for surprising and customized results.