Frenzy Salon

"Embrace Your Curls: Ouidad System,
Your Path to Defined Beauty"

Ouidad System

Unlock the beauty of your curls with Frenzy Salon’s Ouidad System. Our specialized techniques embrace and enhance your natural curls, offering precision cuts, treatments, and styling methods tailored to your unique curl pattern. Experience defined, frizz-free curls with our dedicated approach, empowering you to love and embrace your natural texture.

Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake

Achieve beautifully defined curls with our Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake service. Frenzy Salon’s expert techniques sculpt your curls for enhanced definition and bounce.

Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake + Treatment

Elevate your curls with care using our Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake + Treatment. Frenzy Salon’s specialized methods coupled with treatment provide improved curl health and definition.

Rake & Shake

Experience effortless curls with our Rake & Shake method. Frenzy Salon’s technique ensures easy styling, defining your curls for a natural and beautiful look.

Ouidad Deep Conditioning Treatment

Revive your curls with our Ouidad Deep Conditioning Treatment. Frenzy Salon’s specialized treatment deeply nourishes, rejuvenates, and revitalizes your curls for enhanced bounce and health.