Frenzy Salon

"Elevating Beauty Through Exquisite Hair Services"

Hair Services

At Frenzy Salon, our comprehensive hair services redefine your beauty journey. From precision cuts to stunning color transformations and specialized treatments, our experts craft personalized styles. Whether it’s a trendy haircut, balayage, or nourishing treatments, our team is dedicated to enhancing your hair’s natural allure. Experience excellence in every service, from classic styles to modern trends. Elevate your look with Frenzy Salon’s mastery in hair services – because your hair deserves the finest care.


At Frenzy Salon, experience personalized haircuts. Our expert stylists meticulously tailor each cut to your facial structure and preferences, ensuring a look that defines your unique style.

Haircut W/ Blowdry

Elevate your style at Frenzy Salon with a precision cut paired with a professional blowout. This comprehensive service ensures a refined, chic appearance.

Shampoo & Blowdry

Indulge in a revitalizing hair experience at Frenzy Salon. Our cleansing shampoo and expert blowout refresh and style your locks, leaving them ready to conquer the day.


Accentuate your look with meticulously crafted bangs at Frenzy Salon. Our skilled stylists shape and style your fringe, adding sophistication to your appearance.

Kids Cut (under 10)

Designed for young ones, Frenzy Salon offers gentle and stylish haircuts for kids under 10. Our services ensure a delightful experience, leaving kids looking smart and confident.

Kids Cut & Blow (under 10)

At Frenzy Salon, our comprehensive service for kids under 10 includes a stylish cut and gentle blowout. Tailored to ensure a charming look and a positive salon experience.

Up Do

For special occasions, Frenzy Salon offers elegant updos tailored to your preferences. Our skilled stylists ensure grace and glamour for any event.


Express yourself with intricate braiding styles at Frenzy Salon. From classic to trendy, our braids reflect your unique style and personality.

Flat Iron (extra)

Frenzy Salon’s extra flat iron service delivers a sleek finish with precision, perfect for achieving polished looks that exude sophistication.

Curls when Blow Dry Done

Enhance your blow-dried hair with stunning curls effortlessly added by Frenzy Salon. This service offers a touch of glamour and elegance for any occasion.

Curls Only

Discover beautifully defined curls at Frenzy Salon that highlight your natural beauty. Our expertly styled curls add texture and charm, enhancing your allure.

Extra Long Hair

Frenzy Salon offers tailored services exclusively for managing and styling extra-long locks. Our specialists provide meticulous care to maintain your hair’s health and beauty.

Extra Thick Hair

At Frenzy Salon, our customized services cater to thicker hair textures, offering specialized care and styling techniques that manage and celebrate your hair’s natural volume and richness.